This course is for you, if you want to understand the basics of cryptocurrencies, blockchain technology and real world use cases from smart contracts to NFTs, from decentralized finance to Web3. We have a holistic behavioral approach and always address the three levels Mindset, Learning and Doing. In this course, you will


  • reflect on the concept of money.
  • realize the roles of trust and consensus in different financial settings.
  • grasp the idea of decentralization.
  • learn to recognize fraudulent patterns.
  • recognize and manage the impact of fear and greed on your behavior.


  • understand what a blockchain is.
  • learn how Bitcoin works.
  • get to know different cryptocurrencies.
  • get to know various real world use cases for blockchain technology.
  • learn about crypto exchanges.


  • use a blockchain demo and try out encrypting data, building blocks and your own blockchain.
  • get a step-by-step demo how to buy and store crypto.
  • learn how to use a cold wallet.


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Crypto Clear

6. February 2022

Since years I‘ve been interested in crypto currency and the whole block chain universe, but it seemed so remote and hard to understand. After I took part in this very entertaining and enriching course, my understanding and my mindset changed with the knowledge I have now, thanks to „Into“! Now I downloaded the Crypto app and started investing in the future…


Awesome introduction to CRYPTO!

5. February 2022

For years, I have been thinking I need to get an understanding for Cryptocurrency. I am so glad I took the leap with this course! Now I understand so much about the field – not just the basics (which is what I really hoped to get) but also how to step into the space myself as an asset owner (which is what I didn’t expect I would decide to do) as well as what it means for the world around me now and into the future (including many specific and important areas of my life impacted without me realizing it). I needed this interactive course to hold me accountable to finally learning about this topic as well as the space to ask all the questions I had been accumulating over the past decade and had no one to ask! Thank you – this was a really great experience!


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