This course empowers you to become your own financial advisor. We have a holistic behavioral approach and always address the three levels Mindset, Learning and Doing. This course provides you with the basics to answer all your questions regarding money yourself. You will also get tools, highly useful frameworks and resources to stay on top of your financial situation and always see the big picture clearly. After this course you will


  • understand your money mindset and how it fosters or hinders your financial well-being.
  • understand and learn how to manage your emotions related to money.
  • develop healthy money habits in earning, spending and saving based on your individual cash-flow patterns.
  • know your own sources of financial risk and how to counteract them.
  • understand how this applies to all financial situations, however tight or relaxed.
  • have an accountability partner or group to support you and keep you on track.


  • know how to create active AND passive income.
  • grasp the power of compounding.
  • always consider inflation and time.
  • know how to organize your monthly budget and spending.
  • know how to invest in Stocks and ETFs.


  •  set your financial goals. 
  • use a mock investment portfolio to find out how investing actually works and feels and to test new strategies.
  • can do your own financial planing and numbers crunching.
  • are able chose your investments.


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Detailed and easy to understand

14. November 2022

As somebody who knew practically nothing about finance, I felt like I learned a lot during this course. Zina made sure every point was easy to follow and was always determined to discuss different ideas. I highly recommend this course to anybody who is interested in investing, especially if they find it intimidating or are unsure where to start.

Tyler Roy


19. October 2022

This is an awesome program that not only covers the fundamental lessons of managing money, but also provides exposure to all the different avenues to do so (considering personality and bias).

Dana S.

An excellent introduction

20. July 2022

I learnt so much during this 8 hour course and nothing was too silly or obvious to ask. I feel a lot more confident about how to approach my finances, both from a logistical and emotional point of view and it’s not quite as scary as it seemed before! Zina was engaging and informative whilst always being approachable.


Wärmstens empfohlen

13. March 2022

Ich kann INTO’s financial empowerment Kurs wärmstens empfehlen. Besonders gefallen hat mir, dass neben fundamentalen Konzepten und praktischen Beispielen auch stark auf das eigene Verhältnis zu Geld eingegangen wurde. Das Reflektieren über Fragen wie “was bedeutet mir Geld und woher kommt diese Einstellung”, haben mir dabei geholfen meine finanziellen Ziele zu hinterfragen und anschliessend klarer zu formulieren. Das INTO-Team ist ebenfalls klasse!

Janosz, Associated Consultant bei Kearney

Empowering & transformative

13. March 2022

INTO’s course on financial empowerment has truly been transformative for my attitude towards money and finances. I have learned both technical tools and mindsets which will help me tremendously going forward – not just to invest better, but frankly to make better life decisions. I had never thought that I could be “financially free” within 10-20 years if I just started thinking a bit more systematically. Our society is as educated as it has ever been, but these essentials were something I had been missing. I am 26 now and wish I had taken the course earlier, I highly recommend it to everyone out there, young and old.

Sven, MIT Mathematics post-doc


13. March 2022

Understanding the principles of investing and behaviours that influence our financial decisions is one of those critical life skills that often gets missed. This course is as important for those with a little as well as a lot to invest. It is excellent at demystifying important fundamentals and is full of practical advice and useful tools. The small number of participants means the course is personalised and engaging and most importantly it has really helped shape my approach to reaching my financial goals.

Amanda, Partner at PricewaterhouseCoopers

Instructive, Practical & Inspiring

9. January 2022

This course has been the catalyst for improving and restructuring the way I dealt with my finances. This course has been a true eye opener allowing me to not only better manage my money but also learn about the world of investment. Not only are you given the knowledge by top professionals but you are also learning, practicing and engaging with people in a fun and enriching setting! Highly recommended.

Joanna Chatila


20. December 2021

Absolutely loved this course. Combines the perfect balance of theoretical and practical knowledge. I am (usually) conservative about money and this course pushed me to invest and taught me how to do that. Now more than a year later, my returns have exceeded 40%. Highly recommended!

Ahmad Sharaf Aldine

Ausgesprochen inspirierend!

12. December 2021

Ausgesprochen inspirierend!

Überzeugendes Kurskonzept, hilfreiche Materialien, Medien und Tools und eine hervorragende, überaus kompetente Coach*in, die unterstützt, erklärt, inspiriert, aber nie aufdrängt! I really feel empowered! It made a change! Thanx!

Andrea Giffhorn

Just the trigger I needed

8. December 2021

This course was just the trigger I needed to think about my finances in a structured, forward-looking way and set about re-organising them. I’ve had some real eye-openers and also thoroughly enjoyed the layed-back, positive atmosphere in the group – I was actually looking forward to the session each week!


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