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How does money work? How does money flow into and out of our lives? What are our beliefs about money and which money culture shapes our behavior? How do I grow money? And how do I spend it wisely? This course covers the basics of personal money management, investing, and our money mindset's impact.

What does it mean for me to be "financially free"? How hard do I need to and want to work for my money? Is work my only way to earn or can I also make my money work hard for me? In this course we focus on how to become independent from an active income and building journeys towards financial freedom.

When money and relationships intertwine it can get complicated. Sharing money with your partner, how to treat a stay-at-home spouse fairly or dealing with inheritance is highly emotional and even painful. Lending and borrowing within family and friends is tricky. Because throughout your life: money is never just money.

Have you ever asked yourself: why don’t we learn smart money management in school? This is the class for young people from 14-20. How do I earn, save, spend and grow money? And what roles do time, compounding effects and inflation play? After this course you will be ready to take off into your financial future. Jargon-free and engaging.

Your first home, your family haven or an investment asset: real estate thrills us and can be daunting at the same time. Is it really worth it to buy rather than rent property? What should you look out for in an object? What are the best loan conditions for you? After this course you will know everything you need to make the right real estate choices for you.

Is this money? And what does that mean for me? FOMO? We got you! Let us take a deep dive into the philosophy of decentralized finance, the basics of blockchain technology and how to invest in crypto. Learn where to buy crypto, how to use a hard wallet and how to feel comfortable with your crypto decision: observe it, invest some extra or go in big.

You want to start your INTO journey in a more private setting? Or you want to dig deeper after a course with one of our financial coaches? You need support during a major financial process like buying real estate or getting into crypto? Whatever your individual challenge is, INTO 1:1 coaching provides a safe space to think aloud about your finances.

You believe someone you love and care for could really profit from one of our courses or the membership? Or you want to make sure the next generation has the right mindset and tools to make smart and healthy money decisions? Be if after receiving a generous graduation gift or after an inheritance? With INTO gift cards you invest in your loved ones human capital!

Let’s talk about money! The community that keeps us on track, reduces stress when it comes to financial decisions and where we get a fair sanity check from all the smart INTO members. Our monthly members meetings are open to all INTO tribe members and facilitators and truly the heart of our community. Independent together!

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