The ultimate moneyhacks experience for teens from 14 to 18 years old. Jargon free and hands-on. AKA why did we never learn this in school? We have a holistic behavioral approach and always address the three levels Mindset, Learning and Doing. What this course covers:


  • Money is money, duh. But what is it really?
  • There are different ways to earn money, and even grown-ups don’t know all of them.
  • The tricks advertisers use on us and do I fall for them?
  • How to use the power of habits.
  • Why is saving hard and how to make it easier.


  • How to budget smartly.
  • My money makes baby money, really?
  • What are Stocks and ETFs?
  • Why the heck should I care about inflation or how to burn money fast without even noticing.
  • How to earn money as a teen.


  • We will start a mock investing portfolio!
  • Action planning – saving for something, moving out and living on your own. Be real, have a plan.
  • Tracking your money
  • Having a savings and an investing account as an under 18 (your parents still need to sign though).

Seriously, if we all had learned this young enough, INTO would be out of business!


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Very Informative

Rated 4.0 out of 5
5. February 2022

I went into the course, not really having a clue about saving, investing or spending money in a smart way, but I felt that even just four courses really helped me get an overall understand on these things. I definetly suggest every teenager to take this course to help win an idea for our future.

Charlie, 14

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