5. Cassie

Dear Diary, I made it to a barber shop. Short version: Hipster gets change in cab, goes to barber, leaves change as tip. The longer one is that my cab driver is going to David’s Barber Shop in Brooklyn Heights. Not for David’s famous Brooklyn Fades. Not for the fresh hot towel after the shave. […]

4. Hello inflation

Dear Diary, rolled up together with two other singles and a few quarters in a cup holder of a NY city cab. I hear a shrill radio voice “…and will we have to brace ourselves now, John, in the face of  dramatically climbing oil prices…” The cab driver whines in a here-we-go-again tone about how […]

3. Winning big

Dear Diary, Not only does the value of a bank note count, but what you do with that note. A smart person could make one dollar go far. I would like to tell you what I heard when I joined a few notes and coins in a cup where Sarah, my new owner, usually keeps […]

2. 21st birthday

Dear Diary,  I just realized that I’ll be 21 years old this year. You may wonder why I have been out and about for so long. The average life expectancy of a one-dollar bill is 6.6 years; just about two years longer than a five-dollar note. Yes, fivers do have a shorter life expectancy for […]

1. Humans….

Dear diary…. Humans! Seriously. Humans! How can they be so smart and so dumb at the same time? I’ll never understand what’s going on in people’s minds, but I sure can tell you a thing or two about how they handle their cash. You may think oh, sure, it is easy for a dollar to […]

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